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(In) Memoriam

(In) Memoriam


Ignite Collective

Natalie Koffman, Ana Escobar, , Barbara Proschak, Ilenia Voleri


(In) Memoriam reflects on the historical and contemporary experience of violence against women. The tourism arising from the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888 is the starting point for a series of works that investigate the glamorisation and invisibility of violence against women.


(In) Memoriam, in its final iteration, the alternative commemorative walking tour, brings the histories of all women suffering violence into view by retrieving the identities of Annie Chapman, Catherine Eddowes, Elizabeth Stride, Mary Anne Nichols and Mary Jeanette Kelly into a space dedicated to the preservation of women’s history.


The project is finalized with the site installation of a plaque for each woman, named with her life dates.


The work comprises: ‘The Tour’ (2009, Video 5.5 min loop)

Flashmob  ‘Against Violence Against Women’   (2009, Video I min loop)

‘Each’ (2009, Installation from large format colour photography (180x220cm)

‘Untitled’   (2009, Video 9 mins loop)

‘The Commemorative Walking Tour’ (2009, Video 39 min loop)

‘Plaques’ (2011, one of five limestone 6.5” x 4.5”)

‘Plaques’ (Print of the five original plaques placed at the murder sites)

(In) Memoriam Alternative Jack The Ripper Walk, 2011)

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