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My work revolves around a series of questions and concerns that have preoccupied me since childhood and inspired expression through photography, film, drawing and writing.


I am interested in how art and artists can act as catalysts for social and environmental change. This, combined with a lifelong interest in mental health and wellbeing, inform the questions that underpin my work.


My work focuses in particular on the Human / Nature relationship; how humans perceive and create understanding and what is the role of art, the artist and the imagination in creating and shaping socially and environmentally viable futures. 


I completed my BA in Photography (First) at London College of Communication in 2010. My work ‘Silent Spring’ was selected for exhibition at Foto8 in 2010 and was selected again for the Bar Tur Award in 2011.


‘One Seed A Thousand Dreams’ was self-published in 2011, when I also exhibited at London Women’s Library with a collaborative work ‘(In) Memoriam’ as part of the Ignite Collective.


Having recently completed an MA in Social Sculpture and Connective Practice (Distinction) at Oxford Brookes University, my practice has evolved from being primarily image-based. My current works invites some form of participation and collaboration, incorporating the belief we are all artists, constantly creating and shaping the world that we live in, cf Joseph Beuys.


Recent works include ‘Inventory of Stuff’, ‘30 minutes to Pack a Bag’, ‘Seed’, ‘The Hope Map’, ‘The Inverted Ark’ and ‘Nature Rights’. Exhibitions have included 100:100:20 (2017) and ‘(In) Memoriam’ selected for Sheroes and shown as part of ‘100 Years of Suffrage’ at The London Women’s Library LSE (2018).

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Please click on the link below to download my full CV


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