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Short description of the project

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One Seed Woodland

"Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven't done a thing. You are just talking."

             Wangari Maathai  Kenyan environmentalist and political activist. Noble Peace Prize winner 2004

One Seed A Thousand Dreams – The Artists’ Woods is a dream to create wild woods for the future, returning the land
to nature and creating a place for people to connect.

This project is to raise funds to buy land and to plant thousands of trees. 

With the money we raise, we will buy land that will be immediately placed into trust, in perpetuity. It will be owned by all of us.

And we will buy trees, chosen with consideration for the predicted climatic changes ahead, and plant them in a way that
will create the greatest opportunity for natural re-wilding.

The Artists' Woods will create a new woodland, a habitat for wildlife. We will protect  the land and the trees  for ever,
allowing the trees to grow and mature, creating a woodland that will provide a rich habitat for wildlife.  It will be a
woodland for everyone to use and enjoy.

It will also provide creative opportunities for Artists' Residencies, collaborations and for exhibiting work focused broadly on the human/nature relationship.  It will also provide education on the vital role of woodlands, the importance of
biodiversity and re-wilding, as well as opportunities for tree planting and care of the woodland.      

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One Seed Network

One Seed A Thousand Dreams – The Artists' Woods is just the start. It's part of a bigger dream, a project that has expanded from reaching out to artists to engage with the ecological crisis, to include and  involve all people in the creation of more woodlands, a network of them. Together, one tree at a time, we can take back land and support the creation of beautiful, wild and free space for all of us – humans as well as other-than-humans – to enjoy and to care for, to support a future for all beings. This is only the beginning.

Inspired in part by Joseph Beuys, who believed, "Every human being is an artist, a freedom being, called to participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and inform our lives."

One Seed invites you to shape the future, to plant your own tree, wherever you are, to care for that tree and protect that tree - to become part of the network of One Seed Thousand Dreams 'expanded forest'. 

Can your tree be protected for ever, eternally. In English law currently, if you plant a tree, you own that tree. Can you become part of a network who will stand for trees? 

There will hopefully become a time, when trees have their own legal standing, their own rights, but until that time, join us in standing for the trees.

one seed a thousand dreams project.jpeg
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one seed a thousand dreams project.jpeg

One Seed Woodland Covenant

Is it possible to leave a legacy for the future. Does your dream of owning or planting trees end with you? How can the law be used to protect individual and collective efforts to return land to nature, to support wild life and bio diversity, to redress the damage caused by humans to nature.

Would you like to become part of network of protected woodlands and forests, protected forever? We are exploring the law and if it is possible to create eternal covenants to protect trees and the land they grow on, a covenant that cannot be overturned. Until Nature has it's own legal standing, where Nature's right to exist, persist, flourish and maintain it's natural cycles are recognised, it is vital that existing law can be used effectively to protect nature. One Seed Covenant project, aims to create  an easy to use template by which your woodland, trees planted for the future and land that has been allowed to rewild, will be protected forever, a legacy for the future. One Seed Woodland Covenant inspires to create network of eternally protected trees and the land they grow on.  

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