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Sarah Ketalaas

About the project

The tree project began whilst I was living in Houston back in 2019. Living on the 20th floor of a high rise was magical, being able to drink in the views and see for miles, to float over the city like a bird. But my feet missed the ground, and my toes remembered being wet with dew back in my garden in the UK.


Initially my images focussed on the beauty of the trees, I was drawn to their forms, at once graceful and strong. Later I began to look more at their environment and noticed roots constrained by sidewalks, saplings bravely reaching skywards between freeway bridges and lone trees separated from their own kind. 


It dawned on me these urban trees were exactly like me! I’d also been transplanted and was trying to put down roots and flourish as best as I could in an alien environment. The Houston trees I was photographing spoke to me of roots and connection and what can spring from being grounded in good soil. They gave me hope I would find a way to survive and do well in the new and challenging environment I found myself in.

How to buy a print.

Below is a selection of prints available for sale. The framed prints are £50 plus postage. For every print sold £25 is being donated to One Seed A Thousand Dreams.

If you would like to support the project , please email to order your print. The prints below are a selection from approximately 50 hand painted photos. A print will be selected for you. If you have a preference for season or colour palette, this should be possible.

Visit Sarah's website

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Natalie K

About Viral Landscape Invisible Landscape

Viral landscape Invisible landscape is a series of images reflecting on the complexity of the human nature relationship. Humans have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years on the earth, developing their capacity to change the shape of the landscape, to impact the earth and its multitude of life forms in unimaginable ways and at great speed. The evolution of technology, machinery and science, brings with it the responsibility to consider and measure the impact of these capacities, on not only humans but on all other life forms on earth. The concept and offering of the idea of the Anthropocene, an age defined by the immense impact of humans on the earth, to a degree that it is offered as the age of humans, shaping the planet, is one which demands reflection and questions regarding the impacts of human behaviours and values and ideologies in disrupting an equilibrium and balance of lifeforms. Viral landscapes Invisible landscapes explores human behaviour and also our fragility as a species within this fragile and yet amazing ecosystem. 

How to buy a print

Each print below ( 5 x 7 or 6 x 4 )  is being offered as limited edition print of 100 for One Seed Thousand Dreams. The framed prints are £50 plus postage. £25 from each sale will be donated to One Seed A Thousand Dreams supporting the planting and care of a tree for 2 years. 

To buy a print, please email

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 15.38.07.png
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