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A Moment with Death

It is said that we never truly live until we accept and understand our mortality. The transition from life to death and death itself, has preoccupied cultures, religions and civilisations for millennia. The ways humans have managed and understood death are recorded and preserved all over the world and each of our deaths is governed by carefully reproduced rituals connected to cultural, religious and social norms.


A moment with death was an invitation to contemplate mortality.

Each ‘Moment with Death’, is a collaboration between myself and the participant. The participants were a mix of gender, age and from diverse cultures. Some were personal connections and others strangers.

Each participant was invited to lie in total darkness and to listen to a reading that reflects on the finite nature of human life, the passage to death and death.

The series of images captures the same moment in the reading, which reflects on when we must let go of life and when our current manifestation of life ceases.


The experience was completed with a questionnaire that asked the participants questions about their end of life wishes.

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